• Modern Day Mastery

    Generating Success and Fulfillment in the Workplace

  • What is Modern Day Mastery for Businesses?

    A word from Susan Glavin, Creator and Founder

  • About the Modern Day Mastery Program

    for Businesses

    Generating Success + Fulfillment in the Workplace and Beyond

    This course is specifically designed for those who own or work for a business, company or corporation and are searching for a more creative and collaborative environment. A course that will inspire a deeper connection between you and your staff.


    My team and I will generate a safe environment for you and your team to explore how you are currently accessing and using your powerful energy.

    The course allows you to experience your energy and power in an authentic way that allows you to disband unnecessary energy leaks, patterns and behaviors which have limited your ability to step into your magnificence.
    Modern Day Mastery will show you how to fully deliver your gifts and talents to all those around you and begin living the life you were born to live.

    The Benefits You Will Receive

    • Gain a deep understanding of how Modern Day Mastery not only applies to your work life, but extends to all aspects of it.
    • Know the power of your words and thoughts on others and how you can positively change your work culture.
    • Connect with your voice to communicate clearly what you need and want without doubt.
    • Learn what deliberate listening is for others to create respect and connection.
    • Eliminate habitual patterns and behaviors that no longer serve you or your work environment.

    What You'll Take Away

    • A clear follow up plan for you and your team so you can maintain and implement what you have learned in the course.
    • A strategy to utilize past challenges as a way to positively influence your present and future.
    • A clarity about your unique abilities and talents.
    • Joy, productivity and inspiration for yourself and your team.
    • Knowing the powerful impact YOU have on the environment and culture around you.
  • Our Amazing 'A' Team

    Dedicated to Service, Integrity, Fulfillment and Success.

    Susan Glavin

    Founder of Modern Day Mastery and Soul Ignitor

    Susan has a deep and thoughtful commitment to humanity, with a powerful intent to inspire and guide others to become one with their best and highest self. She is a master at breaking down barriers in communication, doubt, emotions, and relationships.


    Susan is dedicated to creating and sharing a way of thinking that is derived from service and integrity for you and your team. Susan’s life journey has allowed her to discover the keys to success and fulfillment at work and beyond through creating an authentic process generated from over 40 years of participating in self awareness and discovery courses. She has taken this profound wisdom and knowledge and experienced it fully so she can generously share it with you.


    She connects with collaboration and exclusivity which are the foundational core of any successful business. She invites you back to your own truth and power, knowing it will free you, ignite you and those you influence.


    She has been a successful entrepreneur and business owner for over 35 years.

    Jolene McDonough

    The Visionary's Visionary

    Creating Success Behind the Scenes

    Jolene focuses on helping companies, team leaders and entrepreneurs put in place foundational systems that will increase profits and create a trajectory to success. She is a CFO/COO for hire. She's considered the Visionary’s Visionary, working with a company’s leader behind the scenes. Nothing in business makes her happier than to see a company establish good systems and grow exponentially because of their work together!

    Before Systems Success, Jolene spent over 20 years as the Co-Owner/COO of Prudential California Realty, Coronado Financial Corp. and various real estate entities. She helped grow the real estate company from 35 agents and $1.5M in gross income, to over 350 agents and over $29M in gross income.

    In her free time, you can find her exploring the Pacific Northwest or soaking up precious time with granddaughter, Avery.

    Merry Saari

    Fearless Intuitive

    Merry has the ability to see outside the current status quo and the courage to stand in herself and with others in a new vulnerable space. She is passionate about helping others discover their most authentic truth and help them navigate the tricky waters of self doubt and worthiness.


    She has quick instincts and tremendous love for change and transformation in the world. Merry quickly observes what’s not working in support of what can work, and she is willing and dedicated to uncover patterns and behaviors that are ready to be honored and offered up. 


    Her career progression includes working in the Port, Economic Development and Architectural industries. Listening to her entrepreneurial spirit, she took a leap and began F.I.R.E. Lab, a creative agency that inspires others to bring their ideas into being through story telling and authentic public relations.


    Merry truly enjoys the blessing of being a guide for her two daughters who make her belly laugh every day.

    Savana Rose

    Marketing Magic & Love

    Savana Rose Woods is a wealth of knowledge regarding digital skills. Her commitment to her clients goes beyond what is expected.


    She has been at the forefront of internet marketing since its inception. After working in corporate settings and selling her marketing business, she chose to narrow her client focus to small businesses and solo-preneurs, bringing big business strategies to those who really need her digital marketing and website design help.


    Savana is committed to bringing about great transformation on the planet and dedicated to her own personal growth as well as to all those she serves.


    Currently she lives in sun-drenched San Luis Obispo, CA with her adult son and enjoys traveling abroad to absorb the wisdom of other cultures. When not working or traveling she enjoys walking on the beach, ecstatic dancing and wine tasting.

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